We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That ‘s why we’ll show you 5 ideas of healthy and easy breakfasts for diabetics. 

To start the day with strength, it’s very important that our breakfast is full of nutrients and foods that provide us with enough energy for the rest of the day. In the case of diabetics, breakfast should be just as nutritious, but with less sugar and flour.  

If you’re tired of having the same thing for breakfast every single day, here you have some ideas of healthy and easy breakfasts for diabetics.  

What is a healthy breakfast for diabetics?

For a healthy breakfast there are some things to take into account: 

  • Fruit is better whole than in juice, because when you make it into a juce, it loses its fiber and its glycemic index is higher. Try to include fruit and vegetables (a toast with tomato and olive oil, for example) to increase fiber.
  • Keep croissants, cakes and muffins as an occasional treat.
  • Avoid refined sugar (white or brown). You can substitute it with natural sweeteners such as stevia.
  • If you are going to consume dairy products, make sure they are low in fat. Unless you are lactose intolerant or vegan, avoid vegetable drinks as they contain a lot of sugar. 

Whatever you eat for breakfast, remember to check your blood sugar before and/or after eating. With Cori it’s easy and simple, even on those lazy mornings. 

That said, it’s time to get down to work and prepare a quick and healthy breakfast for diabetics.

Avocado toast

If you love avocado, this is your perfect breakfast. You can mash the avocado or simply slice it on toasted bread, whole wheat if possible. Add a little salt, oil and pepper to taste. If you feel like it, you can add something else, like a slice of smoked salmon, turkey or even a soft-boiled egg. 

Fruit smoothie

If you are short on time, this is a very good option. All you need is a low-fat yogurt, a glass of milk and fruit to taste. In summer, you can have the frozen fruit cut in small pieces, so you only have to add the rest of the ingredients and blend it in no time at all. If you see that you need to add some sweetness, remember that sugar is not the best option. 


Oatmeal provides fiber, which helps control blood sugar levels because it absorbs carbohydrates. You can accompany it with several things: fruit, yogurt, milk… There are some oatmeals that come with added sugars. Try to avoid them, and if you like it sweet, you can add a little honey to the bowl. 


If you are more traditional and like to go classic, you have the option of a coffee or a latte, preferably skimmed. You can accompany it with homemade oatmeal cookies, a toast of whole wheat bread with oil and tomato, and complete the breakfast with a piece of fruit. 

Omelet or scrambled eggs

Eggs are a source of protein, which will give us lots of energy to start the day off right. There are several options with eggs. From scrambled eggs with turkey and cherry tomatoes to a spinach omelet. This depends on personal taste. You can add any vegetable you like to the mix and accompany it with whole wheat toast.

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