Take control of
your diabetes

Understand the data

A simplified diary

Scan your FreeStyle

Do your best

Wherever you are

Your data is yours

Understand the data

Don’t drown in a sea of data and start taking advantage of all that information you have about your diabetes. Cori helps you understand the data form your glucose sensors to find trends and correlations so you can make better decisions.

Fits you

No two people are alike, that’s why we have created a fully customizable Home in which you can show the data that is most relevant to you.


Thanks to Cori’s Widgets you can see the most relevant information about your glucose inside and outside the app.

Set it however you want

Cori has all kinds of blocks that show your glucose, medication, food, illness or training data in an understandable and actionable way.

A simplified diary

Keeping track of your blood glucose, meals, medications and workouts has never been so easy. Cori stores all the data and forever, not just 90 days. In addition, it shows you the data with a colored traffic light so that you can understand it at a glance.

Sync your data

Take (or bring) your data wherever you want. Sync it with the Health app or simply export / import your database in CSV.


The absentmindedness is over. Cori takes care of reminding you when you need to measure your glucose or take a medication.

Add data

Scan your FreeStyle

Improve every day


Cori proposes you challenges in the short and long term to motivate you to get the best of you every day.


Diabetes is a marathon that cannot be won by sprinting, so it is important to celebrate every kilometer.


Celebrate your small victories and share your progress with your friends and family.

Wherever you are

Cori is available on iPhone and iPad and in the future will have versions for Apple Watch, Mac and Android. So you can check your progress wherever you are.

Your data is yours

Cori has been designed to respect your privacy. All the information you save in the app belongs to you. We cannot access it and we don’t sell it to third parties.

Check our Privacy Policy

Do you want to try CORI before anyone else? Join the free the public beta.


Diabetes in animals

Diabetes in animals

Animals, just like human, also can suffer from diabetes. In this post we’ll talk abou diabetes in animals, how to identify it and treat it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I scan the FreeStyle Libre sensor?

Sure! With Cori you can scan your FreeStyle Libre 2 sensor and store all your blood glucose levels for the last 8 hours as well as your current glucose.
Keep in mind that Cori has not been designed as a substitute for FreeStyle LibreLink, but as an additional tool that helps you understand all the information that your patches offer. Remember to check your blood glucose in the official app or by taking a capillary measurement before making any decision about treatment.

Can I download Cori for free?

Yes. Cori is the best free app for managing diabetes. You can use it at no cost to control and simplify diabetes, although in the future there will be a payment plan that unlocks more advanced features.

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