• SafeTimer is available for iPhone (iOS 13 or higher) and Apple Watch (watchOS 6 or higher).

  • The app is completely free (no ads, no in-app purchases) and its code has been published openly on Github.

Today we have launched SafeTimer, an app that helps you control the use of masks. The application is completely free and is currently available for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Along with social distance, the use of masks is one of the most effective tools to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only is it important to use it, you also have to put it on and take it off properly and use them only for the time and times for which they have been designed.

Safetimer controls the use of face masks

In this sense, SafeTimer allows you to:

  1. Create a timer for each mask that you are currently using.
  2. Remember the time of use that they have left to each one.
  3. Receive a notice when it is time to throw it away or, if it is reusable, wash it.
  4. Know how much extra time you have used it.

Technical characteristics

  • Available for iPhone (iOS 13 or higher) and Apple Watch (watchOS 6 or higher).
  • Fully independent version for Apple Watch. You don’t need your iPhone to set it up or use it.
  • Local notifications. You will receive the notice whether or not you have a good internet connection.
  • Sync timers in the cloud with iCloud.
  • Available in English, Spanish, Basque, and French.
  • Light and dark mode.
  • Thanks to App Thinning the app weights less than 1 mb.
  • The app has been fully developed in Swift and SwiftUI.
Safetimer controls the use of face masks

An open source project

At Chubby Apps we wanted to launch this project to help overcome the health crisis caused by COVID-19. SafeTimer is a totally free app (without advertising and without “in-app” purchases) and its code is published openly on Github so that anyone with programming knowledge can work on it to add functions or improve existing ones. As Asier G. Morato has stated, “it is a totally disinterested contribution that as a company we make to try to overcome this situation. We are dedicated to creating ideas that solve problems, mainly relying on digital technologies. So the best way we had to help was by creating an idea that would help people. This idea is SafeTimer and it is free and easy to use”.